Tax Deductions

Tell us, when you help a friend, neighbor, or someone in true need, do you receive a tax deduction?

When you donate items to a 501(c)(3) charity, the IRS values those items at “garage sale” rates. The only time this is different is if it is a large item (like a car), or if your item still has the original sales tag on it. Either way, it needs to be in “like-new” condition for it to be valued higher. Since it is unlikely that your donations will exceed the IRS standardized deduction for donations, there is not a financial disadvantage to donate to us and the items will go directly to help someone in our community.

Amazing Grace Charities spent time itemizing and giving value to donated items from our donors for four years. Finally, we took the “what’s in it for me” attitude out of the equation and stopped providing tax receipts and IRS values. Why? Because changing someone’s circumstances is of higher importance and provides a much greater reward, allowing donors to personally experience the act of giving and kindness.

Together we can make a difference.