Shop for a Cause

Discounts at AGC Boutique!

How it works:

    1. Every time your donated item(s) stay in AGC Boutique for resale, the retail value is recorded in your account on file.
    2. Once that retail value amount reaches $200, we’ll give you a call/email to let you know that you’re eligible to receive a percentage off your next purchase. Remains on your account until redeemed.
    3. Discounts grow as your retail value amount on file grows – so keep the donations coming!



How to earn a 50% off voucher:
Antiques, furs, designer label, and unique items are all examples of ways to earn a 50% off voucher.

  • Redeemable on other Designer items at AGC Boutique
  • Give to someone else in need
  • Never expires!